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As a group of like-minded people determined to make New Caledonia a safe abode for its diverse flora and fauna while garnering its reputation as a popular tourist spot, we are here to help you. The archipelago with its mountainous regions, maquis, rainforests, grasslands, coastlines, beaches, lagoons and coral atolls has been home to over thousand birds, insects, animals, invertebrates and more. We strive to keep the regions as pristine as ever, so that not only the endemic fauna and flora can survive but also you, the visitors feel detached from the complex world while visiting the archipelago.

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[us_iconbox size=”70px” title=”Our Mission” img=”8052″]Our mission is simple –to keep the pristine nature of New Caledonia intact and create a strong bonding with the aboriginal inhabitants of the archipelago.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox size=”70px” title=”Our Vision” img=”8053″]Our vision is to see a safe abode for the flora and fauna being created by us and by the visitors who visit the archipelago to explore those rare life forms.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox size=”70px” title=”The Future” img=”8054″]We plan on trying harder with the help of fellow conservationists to restore the balance in the diverse ecosystem so that the nature, flora and fauna can gain its glory back.[/us_iconbox]

The Flora And Fauna

Diversity Of New Caledonia

Covering around 7172 square miles of area, the New Caledonia archipelago is rich in some of the elusive and endemic plant and animal species, thanks to its variegated and multi-colored terrains, unconventional soil conditions and the distinct microclimates. Often dubbed as the “biodiversity hotspot”, the paleo ecological and biological diversity is evident in the edaphic and topographical regions having tropical and oceanic climate.

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Kaledonia’s Best

Thickumz - From Caledonia With Love

It’s time to become passionate about woman’s curves. Thickumz series, inspired mostly by beautiful landscapes of New Caledonia is bringing you the most beautiful babes with slim waists and big behinds! Slick and thick, this is how we call them.

Official Website

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Facts To Bear In Mind

When Organizing A Tour 

Everywhere you look in New Calodonia, you will find a landscape postcard –be it the picture-perfect canopy of the world’s tallest ferns or the crystal clear lagoon flanked by coral reef. The five regions of New Caledonia namely Noumea, East and West Coast, the Great South and the island group are each gifted with their distinct natural beauty and resources. So while planning your next trip, you need to keep a few facts in mind –

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