Recent Tourism Developments In And Around The City

The tourism industry in New Caledonia has been reaching newer heights with every passing year. The year 2018, is the consecutive second year that the island has seen tourists are gathering up in large numbers for spending their vacation.

The statistics says that the visitors from the following countries increased dramatically which result in the overall growth of tourism on the island of Caledonia.

Australia – 9%9%
Japan – 5.5%5.5%
New Zealand – 7.2%7.2%

Developments To Promote Tourism

Likewise, other developments were also made in order to attract most tourists. Various marketing campaigns were launched to boost tourism. The awareness among the masses was very essential in order to seek the attention of tourists.

Developments To Promote Tourism
Various marketing campaigns were launched to boost tourism
  • Many overseas journalists were invited to improve the public relations with this Caledonia.
  • A campaign called ‘meet your neighbors’ was also launched so as to publicize the region and extend them to the potential tourists.
  • The networks of bus services, as well as airports, were renovated instantly. This will improve the quality of services provided by the island, and as a result number of tourists will be attracted towards the place.
  • Another campaign called the ‘New Caledonia New Dimension’ had also been launched to directly target the French Metropolitan market.
  • A familiarization trip was also organized, where around 170 professionals who are either tour operators or agents, were invited to visit the island.
  • Currently, in this digital world, the island has taken to globalizing and promoting itself at the global level through digital media. They have launched their website in three languages, namely, English, Japanese and French.

It is observed the growth has been remarkable in the capital city of Noumea. They have seen a growth of around 2% in the number of tourists from different countries worldwide, which is a great achievement.

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