Food: Catching Up With The Culinary Diversity Of The City

New Caledonia offers a wide variety of delicious foods for the tourists to enjoy during their visit to the place. New Caledonia is considered the best place in South Pacific because of its culinary diversity. There are a splendid collection of restaurants in New Caledonia which offer great food for the travelers.

Here are a few unique and must try dishes of New Caledonia:

A Perfect Sea Food Destination

Are you a seafood lover? Rush to the perfect seafood destination of south pacific and enjoy the best and delicious seafood recipes that they offer. New Caledonia is composed of the largest islands and seas where the sea boats ever day set off to catch the sea fishes and then store them in the icebergs until they are inspected by the local traders. The seafood that is the specialty of the North Caledonia is always served the fresh to the customers.

Enjoy the best and delicious seafood recipes

Few sea fishes that are specifically found and are famous here are the octopus, prawns ,and shellfishes. Never miss the prawns of New Caledonia because if you miss tasting their seafood special dishes, who are going to miss a major part of the fun and excitement of eating well during your paradise tour.

Taste The Traditional Bougna

Bougna is on the best traditional food served in North Caledonia. People who love the French- influenced food ideas can get numerous to taste but the ones who are still in search of something that is a bit traditional should definitely try the Bougna dish. The dish is special because of the mix and match way that the New Caledonia restaurants use.

Bougna dish is made with a mix of chickens and lobsters with sweet potatoes and coconut milk

The Bougna dish is made with a mix of chickens and lobsters with sweet potatoes and coconut milk. Whatever may be the dish is but the way of pacific coking style that the restaurants use is very unique. Bougna is muffled up in banana leaves and then placed in the cooking oven to cook and then served which makes the taste of the dish much more delicious.

Famous Local Venison

New Caledonia is famous for its culture of deer hunting which is done every year in the months of July to October. The Local Venison is the best dishes in New Caledonia. So if you been there for a holiday does not forget to taste these as the deer meat is the New Caledonia special food that the local restaurants offer.

The Special Bat Meat

The Dish is usually called as Civet de Rousette which is basically a bat meat. People who are not much familiar with the bat meat should definitely try this Caledonian dish because bat stew is supposed to be a popular dish there. The process of marinating the bat stews in red wine sauce before preparing the dish makes the preparation much more delicious.

New Caledonia is definitely a perfect holiday destination for foodies. Your mouth must be watering right? Well, be fortunate enough to taste the delicious French style cuisines which are mouth-watering.

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