The Best Outdoor Activities You Should Never Miss In New Caledonia

If you are an adventure-holic and seeking a holiday in New Caledonia, you are bound to have a blast! The place is full of options that will satisfy your adventure hormones! The conditions there are very apt for outdoor activities and it is considered to be a land of nature, for nature lovers. Here is a list to guide your fun-filled vacation with options to keep you pumped up all along.


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Piscine Naturelle

‘Piscine Naturelle’ or ‘Natural Pool’ is one of the most highly rated tourist destinations in New Caledonia. The pool is surrounded by Pine trees and the clear saltwater enables one to enjoy the view to its fullest. It is a site to behold and one can simply stand on the right spot in the water and enjoy the small fishes passing around your feet.

This is an option during low tides, however, for adventure lovers ‘snorkeling’ is a possibility. Snorkeling is basically when you wear a mask, swim fins, and snorkels/tubes to swim freely in a waterbody.


New Caledonia is known for its hiking activities. One of the most long-distance trails is the NC1 Trail. It runs from the old village of Prony to the river Dumbea crossing the Grande Terre in South. It follows a trail across the peaks and pinnacles of the central chain. It is known to have been developed with some great efforts and will certainly quench one’s thirst for adventure.

Scuba Diving                                                   

The Bay of Prony is situated near the Woodin Channel. It contains an amazing underwater animal life to explore through scuba diving. To make the dive more exciting, animals also include whales and sharks. All beginner, intermediate, and advanced level scuba divers can benefit from the adventure. The marine life and ecosystem in the Bay of Prony are bound to enrich your overall experience.


Les Boucles de la Netcha or Netcha Trails are the beginning points of the 150 kilometers of circuits for bikers. Both advanced and beginner level mountain bikers can experience this adventure. ‘Office of Tourism for the Far South’ or Office de Tourisme du Grand Sud is the headquarters where one can get the maps of the entire area and plan their runs.

Bird Watching and Wildlife

Noumea is the starting point for a bird watching and wildlife tour in New Caledonia. It is a tour ranging between 3 to 5 hours and experts are available throughout the time to answer one’s curious questions. One can look out for parakeets, monkeys, flying foxes, black swans, and flightless Kagu.

Cultural & Botanical Tour

The Cultural or Botanical half day tour is a must for all first-time visitors and adventure lovers. It starts from Noumea, takes three hours, and one gets to explore the historical church in New Caledonia, Tjibaou Cultural Center, and Miracle Church. While these were the cultural tourist spots, the botanical ones include Grand South, Plum Spring, and the Jurassic Park scenery.

Also, check out the festivals and cultures associated with New Caledonia right here!

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