Exotic Hotels To Visit On Your First Trip

New Caledonia is defined by its flora and fauna and is also famous among the visitors because of its amazing divine adventures. Situated in the heart of south pacific region, the wide ranges of islands that are present in New Caledonia are rightly termed as the paradise because of the scenic beauty. It is surrounded by an immense coral reef that offers amazing underwater scenery along with semi tropical climate.

Planning for your first trip to the land? Well, then, let’s check out the exotic and luxury hotels to accommodate. They do have an important role to play when it comes to a trip. Isn’t it! Well, New Caledonia has a number of exotic and luxurious hotels which you can choose to stay during your trip. Let’s check out the hotels in New Caledonia:

The Beaurivage Hotel: Noumea Accommodation

Beaurivage Hotel is located in the center of the white land beach known as the Noumea and is among the best luxurious hotels. The hotel has all the modern amenities such as cable connection, TV’s, air-conditioned rooms, Wi-Fi connection, etc. The specialty of the hotel is the discounts and offers that they provide, one of which is staying for 4 nights and paying for 3 night stay. The honeymoon couples are offered with high-grade rooms which are valid for stays throughout the year. Hotel Beaurivage mainly offers three types of rooms for visitor’s Standard room, Lagoon view room, and deluxe lagoon view room and the size of the standard rooms with beach view can accommodate up to 3 to 2 adults and 2 children.

Beaurivage Hotel
Beaurivage Hotel is among the best luxurious hotels

Hilton Noumea La Promenade Residences

This is the perfect place to stay for the tourists because of its location. Various cafes, boutiques, restaurants, parlors, and spa destinations are a walking distance away from the residence. The welcoming atmosphere makes the visitors feel at home. The hotels provide fantastic leisure facilities such as outdoor pools and fitness areas for people to relax. They provide the visitors with the opportunity to choose the right place to stay from a wide range of rooms that are all convenient and luxurious. The comforts that they provide to the tourists are the elevators, the bar area, the snack shops, baggage storage, foreign currency exchange facilities, 24*7 reception facilities, etc.

hilton noumea la promenade residences
This is the perfect place to stay for the tourists because of its location

La Nea Hotel

Kone is known as the main business center for all the New Caledonian people. This place offers a wide range of hotels for tourists to come and stay during their holidays and the La Nea Hotel is one of the best option. The quiet and calming environment of the hotel makes it one of the first choices for every businessman and visitors who love calming environments. The hotel is famous for the delicious food they offer. The restaurants available in the hotel offer local as well as gourmet menus for the visitors. The hotel is just a 30 min distance from Noumea. The air-conditioned room facilities they offer are incredible. They offer a wide range of room categories for the tourists such as the Bungalow queen with 1 sofa cum bed, Family bungalows, and Bungalow twin convertible into a queen and 1 sofa cum bed. Every room that they provide has all the basic amenities such as bathrooms, showers, and balcony associated.

La Nea Hotel
La Nea Hotel is the first choice for every businessman and visitors who love calming environments

Betikure Parc Lodge

The Betikure Parc Lodge is located in the peaceful valley, Bourail. The idyllic property is surrounded by tropical forests and is famous for its palm tree and mountain views. The luxurious hotels offer all its customers with air-conditioned rooms and other room facilities. They have a swimming pool on the hotel premises. The traditional foods and the French cuisines that are famous here attract numerous tourists. The hotel is composed of all modern furniture and equipment. They have a wide range of room categories to choose from depending on the taste of the tourists.

Betikure Parc Lodge
The idyllic property is surrounded by tropical forests and is famous for its palm tree and mountain views

Nouvata Hotel

Opposite to the Anse Vata Beach, this luxurious hotel stands straight in a great surrounding of greenery and tropical forests. The Nouvata Hotel offers a wide range of discount on the foods that they deliver. There are swimming pools located in the hotel premise. They provide all the basic room amenities such as satellite TV’S, WI-FI facilities, kitchen appliances, and attached bathrooms with tubs. The rooms have self-tea and coffee making facilities. In the case of standard rooms, the room services provide the customers with iron and iron boards. The L’Equilibre’ is a bar that opens at every 10:00 at night for the hotel’s customers.

Nouvata Hotel
This luxurious hotel stands straight in a great surrounding of greenery and tropical forests

These are one of the few great accommodations that New Caledonia provides to any tourist that visits the land for the first time.

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